2016 was a stellar year


Our stellar Year at Takla Rainbow Lodge

The graduation of our daughter


Received her Doctoral Degree

from Simon Fraser University




  • Mary Ann’s achievement is further a giant accomplishment since she was nearly born at remote Takla Lake -Narrows with no road access at the time. A special effort was made by a BC Rail crew, hiding in the Engine compartment, to take her mother Carol safely in the empty caboose to the hospital in Prince George for Mary Ann’s imminent delivery.
  • Mary Ann grew up at Takla Rainbow Lodge, a fishing resort and BC’s Remotest Pub at remote Takla lake 160 km from the nearest community of Fort St. James.
  • From her earliest age, Mary Ann developed the skills to become the backbone of the operation from running the backhoe, to fixing boat motors to cooking for crews. She taught her summer helpers to be productive housekeepers — waitresses on a onetime fleet of 7 houseboats summer cabins and rental chalets and to become her friends to this day.
  • She managed BC’s Remotest Pub from the age of 12 where she developed a keen sense to judge the characters of patrons and the many visitors and tourists.
  • Mary Ann received her schooling through BC’s highly respected and well organized correspondence school.
  • Despite her full schedule, she volunteered in her spare time during a DFO/MOF 10-year science project of the Takla/Stuart lake chain’s Sockeye salmon fish and forest interaction study.
  • She was fortunate to come under the influence of the great Scientists and Gentlemen Dr. Steve McDonald DFO and Dr. Peter Tsaplinski MOF who stayed at the lodge during the summer month with their students and employees.
  • In addition, she received her first gimps of her beloved Sockeye/Kokanee fish from several studies at adjacent Narrows Creek by the now world renown Dr. Chris Foote on his original studies of the interactions between Ocean going Sockeye salmon and the landlocked Kokanee salmon.
  • It was amazing to hear from several scientists that they considered having learned as much from her living remote all her young life, as she learned from them to impact her future life.
  • Her parents recognized her special skills, passion and eagerness for higher learning and not to waste her passion to learn more about her beloved fish and rocks.
  • Mary Ann went to Smithers to finish her last two years of high school and stayed with Phil and Jeanette Malkow’s family to graduate with scholarships.
  • Her early goal was to enroll in Simon Fraser University as inspired by Dr.’s S. McDonald and P. Tsaplinski.
  • As always Mary Ann achieved her goal and after one year attending University of Northern BC in Prince George she enrolled in Simon Fraser University.
  • Mary Ann studied under the tutelage of the great Dr. Diana Allen.
  • Dr. Mary Ann left a big vacuum at Takla Rainbow Lodge and every visit is treasured by her parents who could not be prouder of having such a super independent motivated daughter they both had wished for.

Dieter and Carol


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